Ian Peters

Executive Producer

Ian perfected his eye for quality media production having previously worked as a professional model/actor for 11 years and cameraman for the Toronto Blue Jays for 6 seasons. Ian brings a passion for delivering highly effective communicative media to his clients via creative and efficient execution. Ian’s experience and versatility has allowed him to produce content for a diverse range of clients including Alicia Keys, Gatorade, Diageo USA, Bell Canada, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Diageo USA, Jully Black, SDI Marketing and many more. Ian understands that every industry is different, therefore provides a diverse production team who understands your space and will create content specific to your viewers.

Alastair Waithe

Creative and Technical Producer

Alastair Waithe is an award-winning creative producer/production manager with more than twenty years of experience working in Commercial, Film, and Television. He currently mans the helm of AW Media Productions Inc.; successfully servicing agencies, production companies, lifestyle brands, and client direct. Serving as a mentor to a select few, he shares his knowledge of production and encourages growth.

A natural problem solver, Alastair gravitated to and has excelled in fields requiring creative thinking and technical expertise. He has an in-depth understanding of both the business and creative process; focused on enabling the vision while managing the budget.

Waithe has traveled to and worked in Barbados, Montreal, New York, and Paris. Over the past decade, he has been a contributing creative producer/production manager for award winning production outfits, The Field and Studio M.

Prior to his work in film, Waithe was a prolific/thriving recording artist. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics & Business from Toronto’s York University.

Dylan Dubé


Dylan Dubé is a Director, Editor and Cinematographer based in Toronto, Ontario. A graduate of the Film Studies program at Ryerson University, Dylan has been actively building his portfolio since 2008, directing short films, commercials and music videos. As a cinematographer, Dylan has shot both documentary and narrative material. His approach with each project is to tell engaging, often personal stories with a raw sense of authenticity, brought to life through beautiful images.

Sean McBride

Director & DOP

Sean McBride has been directing and shooting filmed projects for advertising and documentaries across the world for 12 years. He loves finding stories in unusual places and bringing that emotional experience to the viewer. “I like to take an unconventional approach to storytelling. I prefer to create an open schedule and spend more time with a subject discovering the nuances of the story. You get to see more of that inner world and incorporate more beautiful aspects of nature into your story that a conventional approach doesn’t allow for.”  Sean believes in collaboration with all levels of the creative process and will often team with a DOP to give a project more insight. “The best results come from the combined ideas of the team, being open to that makes it bigger than you which always gets you a better story in the end.” Born of immigrant parents from Germany and Ireland, Sean loves working in different languages and cultures and speaks German, French, and Spanish with ease.

Chris Strikes


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Quazi Sunny


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Steve Zaitz

Sports Photographer

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Marlon Paul

Director of Photography

Marlon Paul is a prolific director of Photography with extensive experience as a Director, Content Creator and Editor. He is a one-stop-shop. His professional edge, devout punctuality, and positive attitude make him a reliable and highly sought-after media practitioner.

His experience spans 27 years with vast international field experience in over 18 countries including Italy, Greece, France, Sudan, Zaire, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Trinidad, Jamaica, and Haiti.

Marlon Paul has worked on documentaries and in news for notable clients including National Geographic, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, CBS, Starz, and Fox in the US, CBC, City TV, CTV, and Global TV in Canada, ARD in Germany and SABC in South Africa. From covering the genocide in Rwanda with Claude Adams to weaving shots together for a CTV biography on Margaret Atwood or creating new content for an exotic wildlife program, Marlon’s work is consistently excellent.

Glen Deakin

Sound Recordist/Boom Operator

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Nicole Ford

Casting Producer

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James Pontillo

Production Assistant/Assistant Director/Camera Assist

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Sonia Torsan

Wardrobe Stylist / Creative Director

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Brett Cafferty


Brett got his start in 2012 and has been directing video content ever since. Brett specializes in commercials, corporate event production, and social media promos. Key clients have included CIONET, Deloitte, Runway Heroes, and Express Trade Capital. Brett knows how vital cinematic storytelling is, and how it must be creatively utilized to convey brands and their campaign messages to audiences worldwide through the medium of video production.

Nidhi Arya

Audio Field Recorder and Editor

Audio Recordist by day, musician every other hour, Nidhi has been active in the industry for over seven years as a post audio editor, field recordist, music mixer & audio/video event operator. She works on shows such as eTalk, Marilyn Denis, and The Social along with engaging in other tech projects in the corporate world. No stranger to Dept. of Media she’s excited to be back on the Audio Frontlines in Toronto.

Greg Keane

Technology Consultant

Greg Keane is a Technology Consultant and host of his own podcast, ToastedSoul. He is an accomplished trainer and advisor who has delivered technical seminars for small business owners for Enterprise Toronto, Technology Trainers, and through his own company. Greg’s unique understanding and hands-on technical ability, coupled with his passion to train and pass on the information he has learned make him a formidable consultant and speaker. Greg has been working in the computer industry since the mid-90s. His training experiences began in 2010 as a Trainer at Technology Trainers. Before that he worked 8 years as the Communications Coordinator for the student union at York University. Since 2009, Greg has maintained an independent business with contract work in technology consultation, support, and training.

Anthony Rock

Photographer and Voice Over Talent

Engaging, clear, smooth, strong, and powerful. Anthony Rock speaks volumes. From powerful mystical creatures from magical worlds a million miles away to earthbound miniature dancing chocolates with purple fur and a toothache. Perhaps your project simply needs the right voice. Anthony uses his experience as a character animator and the gift of creativity mixed with efficiency to execute the right dramatic timing for your characters (from this world or any other). Anthony Rock lives and loves to breathe life into scripts and characters that he visualizes and becomes one with at the drop of a hat.